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Portage la Prairie, MB

This is an alcohol, drug free and family oriented event!

April 19,  20, 21 & 22, 2018

Special Thanks to our 2015 Sponsors

Donations from other sponsors (organizations)
Administration - All Nations Tribal Days Volunteers
Administration   --  Sandy Bay Training & Employment
Advertising   --  Pro Image Signs
Advertising   --  Mayfair Print Shoppe
Advertising   --  Sandy Bay Pow Wow Committee
Advertising   --  Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council
Bingo   --  Keeshkeemaquah Conference Centre staff
Bingo  -- All Nations Tribal Days Volunteers
Curling -- Sandy Bay Council & Sandy Bay Curling Players
Elder's Lounge   --  Keeshkeemaquah Conference Centre staff
First Aid/CPR   --  Sandy Bay Fire Department
Hall Rental   --  Keeshkeemaquah Conference Centre
Hockey  --  Dakota Plains Recreation Staff
Hockey  -- Long Plain Arena Staff
Hockey  -- Sandy Bay Arena Staff & Recreation Staff
Minor Hockey  --   McDonalds
Pool   --  Active Pool League
Pool   --  Dakota Plains Pool League
Security Services  --   Assiniboine Community College Police Studies

Security Services  --   Arrowhead Development Corporation
Security Services  --   Long Plain Security Services
Security Services  --  Sandy Bay Fire Department
Silent Auction Draws   --  Keystone Sports
Silent Auction Draws   --  All Nations Tribal Days Committee
Skidoo Races  --  Sandy Bay Council
Sportswear - Keystone Sports
Talent Show   --  Keeshkeemaquah Conference Centre staff
Talent Show   --  Sandy Bay Health Staff & Long Plain Volunteers
Trophies - Keystone Sports
Volleyball  --  Sandy Bay Volleyball League
Volleyball  --   Long Plain  Volleyball League
XBox 360 Tournament - Sandy Bay Youth Gaming Group
Website   --  Dakota Ojibway Police Service Staff

Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council
ooth Dennehy

GWB Auto Sales
Yellowquill College